Manuel Gardner-Fernandes

Guitarist / Producer

Cameron Losch

Drummer / Songwriter at Born of Osiris

Tommy Rogers

Between the Buried and Me

Stephen Taranto

Guitarist at The Helix Nebula

Griffin Landa

Bassist at The Acacia Strain | Producer / Engineer

Miles Baker

Guitarists at Interloper

Nick Schendzielos

Havok / Job for a Cowboy / Cephalic Carnage

Max Lavelle

Bassist / Songwriter at The Black Dahlia Murder

Victor Brandt

Bassist at Dimmu Borgir / Guitarrist at Firespawn

Jeff Hughell

Bassist / Songwriter at Six Feet Under

Garrett J Peters

Guitarist / Composer

Dave Linsk

Guitarist at Overkill

Make Them Suffer


David Maxim Micic

Guitar/keyboard player | Composer & Producer


Guitarist / Composer

Tim McCord

Bass player / Songwriter at Evanescence

Mikael Almgren

Guitarist / Bassist at Soreption & Terminal Function

Gabriel Mangold

Guitarist at Enterprise Earth

Erik Gamle & Malphas

Guitarists at Carpathian Forest

Andrey Smirnoff

Guitarist at U.D.O. / Dirkschneider

Andrew Baena

Guitarist at Galactic Pegasus

Jeff Matz

Bassist at High on Fire

Kyle Brownlee

Drummer / Producer / Composer at Counterparts

Mike Spreitzer

Guitarist at DevilDriver

James Hewitt

Guitarist at Hacktivist

Christian Martucci

Stone Sour / Black Star Riders

Kris Norris

Guitarist at Shadow Domain

Charlie Robbins

Guitarist at Artificial Language

Ahrue Luster

Lead guitarist at Ill Niño

Kristian “Kohle” Kohlmannslehner

Head of Kohlekeller Studios / Germany

Dan Brown

Guitarist at The Amity Affliction / Producer / Engineer

Greg Mackintosh

Guitarist at Paradise Lost


Producer / Songwriter

Jared Smith

Bassist at Archspire

Kenny Gerbick

Guitarist at Arsonwave

Daniel Bergstrand / Lawrence Mackrory

Producer / Engineer / Mixer

Jason Suecof

Producer / Mixer / Guitarist / Songwriter.

Keith Kohlhepp

Bassist for Shadow of Intent / At Rest / Proletariat

Ross Hogarth

Producer / Mixer / Engineer

Tue Madsen

Producer and Sound Engineer

Jon Bakker

Bassist for Kampfar

Chris Rakestraw

Producer, Mixer & Engineer

Koke Benavides

Guitarist / Composer at Octopus

Rob van der Loo

Bassist Epica

Harrison Patuto

Guitarist at Vale of Pnath

Cody Stewart

Producer / Mix Engineer / Songwriter

Forrester Savell

Producer & Engineer

Mark Lewis

Producer & Engineer

Ermin Hamidovic

Producer and Sound Engineer

Kane Churko

Producer, Songwriter, Mixer & Artist

Henrik Udd

Producer & Sound Engineer

Alex Prieto

Producer / Engineer / Mixer

Brett Caldas-Lima

Producer & Sound Engineer

Jeff Dunne

Engineer & Mixer

Sacha Laskow

Producer & Engineer

Jon Kita

Engineer, Mixer, Composer, Sound Designer

Josh Newell

Producer, Engineer, Mixer

Carson Slovak

Producer, Mix Engineer, Artist at Think Loud Studios / Galactic Empire

Matthew Fackrell / Toby Peterson-Stewart

The Omnific

Jay Maas

Producer, Mix & Mastering Engineer

Herc Booze

Bassist Sixfornine / Diviner

Ronnie Björnström

Producer, Mix & Mastering Engineer

Jamie King

Producer, Mix & Mastering Engineer

Beau Burchell

Producer, Mixer, Engineer

John Maciel

Producer, Mixer, Engineer

Jared Kvitka

Engineer, Mixer, and Producer

Stefano & Mendel

Aborted bassist (Stefano) / Aborted guitarist, CEO at MbdL Productions (Mendel)

Lasse Lammert

Producer & Engineer

Brian ‘Beav’ Waddell

Bassist / Devin Townsend Project

John Douglass

Engineer / Mixer / Producer

Abby Clutario

Chapman Stick player / Producer & Composer

Justin deBlieck


Oli Beaudoin



Producer / Mix & Mastering Engineer

Jeremiah Augustine

Guitarist / Composer / Vocalist / Producer

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