Abby Clutario

Chapman Stick player / Producer & Composer


Abby is a Filipina vocalist, keyboardist, Chapman Stick player, producer and composer best known as a member of the progressive rock band fuseboxx, one of the pioneers and catalyst of prog music in the Philippines. She is also a member of the world fusion group Manila Sky, world and urban-folk group Humanfolk, and pop-indie jazz band Lenses. I’ve been a Darkglass user for years now and for me, it’s the best pedal for my Chapman Stick. And now as a Neural DSP plugin, this is going to be an essential tool for my production and will definitely open up opportunities for experimenting my tone. 

“This is the ultimate realization of the microtubes B7K and Vintage Ultra. The perfect dirt plug-in for my Chapman Stick and a total time-saver in my production workflow.”