Producer / Mix & Mastering Engineer


Hk opened the VAMACARA STUDIO in 2015. Based in France the studio became in few years one of the most important Rock/metal professional studio in its country. Hk works with bands like LOUDBLAST, DAGOBA, LES TAMBOURS DU BRONX, OTARGOS and many more. He also recorded the mighty JOEY JORDISON for SINSAENUM’s album “Repulsion for humanity”. Known for his professionalism and great sounding quality, the VAMACARA STUDIO is also part of an educational program called “the studio experience”.

“I really need to have a great bass sound to get that “in your face” thing that we need in metal genre. A great bass sound is the key to get a huge, dynamic and in your face mix. Without great bass sound… no great metal mix! Period. I found with NEUTRAL DSP my go-to plugin. Very versatile and always good sounding. If you’re looking for a plugin that works perfectly on bass… You found it”

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