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Jon Kita

Engineer, Mixer, Composer, Sound Designer

As an award-winning Engineer at New York City’s Conclave & Avatar Studios, he has Engineered & Produced many albums including Testament, Diecast, Uncured & Metal Allegiance. As a Composer and Sound Designer, he has worked on countless Major Motion Picture productions in both New York and Los Angeles.

“As a long-time Darkglass user, Neural DSP has done the impossible by capturing the subtle nuances and tonal variations that made the flagship Vintage Deluxe & Darkglass B7K Ultra Pedals the leading tone-shaping option for professional Bassists worldwide. Through my work with Uncured, I have found that the transition from performing live with the Darkglass hardware to treating a DI in the studio with the Neural plug-ins, to be an effortless and accurate representation from one platform to the next.”


Darkglass Ultra Plugin

119.00 US$
Exact emulation of the legendary Vintage & B7K Ultra bass preamps.
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