Kill The Lights


Quad Cortex

Travis Montgomery (guitar)

“Being a guitarist, you’re always on a quest for the ultimate tone. With modelers, even more so, because of the unlimited amount of things you can tweak. That being said, Neural DSP have nailed it! Every time I play an amp model created by Neural, it just feels and sounds like I expect it to. Right out of the gate, things sound amazing, and all it takes is some slight tweaking or switching to another preset to get exactly what I’m looking for.”

Chris Clancy (bass guitar & album co-producer/mixer)

“Being a bassist it can be hard to get a tone you love that has the right amount of low end, drive and clarity. You can spend longer trying to get a sound than playing the bass and it can really take the enjoyment out of recording/playing. Since discovering Parallax I simply hit a preset, plug my bass in and play. If I want to change my sound I simply drag the bands around or add/remove drive. It does everything I’d ever want.