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Lee McKinney

Guitarist at Born of Osiris / In Motive

“There have been many amp/guitar style plugins, but I would say most of them only got the job “done.” They felt more like writing tools. None of them perform at the elite level that Neural DSP’s product line does. These sound real. My first experience with them was at NAMM and we were A/Bing next to an amp in a DAW. I couldn’t tell the difference. Finally the world has an amp/guitar plugin that leaves no questions about quality or tone. The guitar community is no longer split down the middle on whether amp plugins truly stand up to the real thing. This is the real deal. This is Neural DSP!”


Archetype: Nolly

159.00 US$
The purest distillation of Nolly’s custom-modded guitar amp collection, captured with 100% accuracy.
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119.00 US$
Everything you need to design the ultimate bass tone.
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Archetype: Plini

139.00 US$
A truly versatile plugin, elegantly developed with the artist who inspired it.
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Fortin NTS Suite

119.00 US$
A perfect model of one of metal’s most coveted amplifiers.
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Fortin Nameless Suite

119.00 US$
Precisely engineered brutality. A legendary amplifier replicated in a beautiful plugin.
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Darkglass Ultra Plugin

119.00 US$
Exact emulation of the legendary Vintage & B7K Ultra bass preamps.
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