Matthew Buscarino

Guitarist at ELHAE


“I’ve been so happy with the Plini plugin. The tones are astounding! Being a company that is known for its heavy tones, which I love because that is my background. I LOVE that as an RnB/Rap and Pop guitarist currently that I can get the clean and pushed tones that I never could quite hit in the box. I was instantly drawn to the Plini plugin when I heard how harmonic and pleasing the distortion is and how stunning the clean tones are. Before using Plini I jumped around to every guitar sim imaginable. The fact that I can every tone I could possible imagine with Plini in the blink of an eye is truly amazing. The GUI is fun and intuitive and it keeps me engaged just like playing around with my Amps and pedals. I love the clean channel and how the drive is so response with it. I can finally get that pushed clean sound that no other plugin imo can do that well. To have an overdrive in the box that is so rich and pleasant has been so much fun to use and play around with. The distortion channels are nothing short of incredible they’re detailed and full and when I’m finished recording I can go from clean RnB tones to jamming Every time I Die (my hometown heroes haha shoutout Buffalo NY) riffs in an instant. The effects are so vast and have depth that brings such a great atmosphere. The reverb is beautiful and the delay does sooo much that I feel I’ve just scratched the surface. “

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