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Paul Ozz

Guitarist / Composer

Neural DSP, for me, is at the forefront of digital amplifier replication. I have been utilizing their suites since the first Fortin plugin, and I simply had to own everything else they have created. I’m extremely impressed every time I load up any of their plugins: my guitar tone has never sounded better. From recording pre-production demos, to guest guitar solos, to experimentation with boutique guitar pedals and beyond – these plugins are extremely powerful; and I swear by them.


Archetype: Plini

139.00 US$
A truly versatile plugin, elegantly developed with the artist who inspired it.
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Fortin NTS Suite

119.00 US$
A perfect model of one of metal’s most coveted amplifiers.
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Fortin Nameless Suite

119.00 US$
Precisely engineered brutality. A legendary amplifier replicated in a beautiful plugin.
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