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Sarah JoAnne Draper

Guitarist / vocalist

“Neural DSP is constantly breaking new ground with their plug ins. With the Abasi plug in you can make anything from crisp, dreamy cleans to tight rhythms and wailing leads all in one place. High versatility. Low CPU usage. Virtually no latency. This plug in, along with all the others I’ve tried, has made me very excited to see what the future of Neural DSP will bring.”


Archetype: Abasi

The sonic possibilities of Archetype: Abasi are as vast and genuine as the artist who inspired it
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Archetype: Nolly

The purest distillation of Nolly’s custom-modded guitar amp collection, captured with 100% accuracy.
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Archetype: Plini

A truly versatile plugin, elegantly developed with the artist who inspired it.
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