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Tim McCord

Bass player / Songwriter at Evanescence

“In many years of writing and performing heavy music, I have never encountered a VST more suitable for metal/hard rock than neural DSP’s Fortin Nameless suite and Darkglass Ultra. If you are searching for the perfect guitar tone for riffs, palm muting, and an all-around “wall of tone” then look no further than the Fortin Nameless Suite. This plugin truly nails it. I spent days and hours tweaking many other guitar VSTs and never came close to the brutal, crisp tone that Fortin Nameless offered on the very first load up. For bass players, the Darkglass Ultra plugin is by far and away the best tone you will find in a VST. Period. If you are looking for a massive body, the perfect amount of dirt and growl, and also warmth, Darkglass Ultra is a must. I will be incorporating both Fortin Nameless Suite and Darkglass Ultra into all of my studio recordings and live performances from now on. Neural DSP really knocked it out of the park with these products!”