Zack Ohren

Producer / Engineer


"While I have always notoriously hated digital guitar amps, The Fortin Nameless and NTS amps are far and away the best high gain plugin amps on the market. On top of that the Plini amp is a fantastic mid/low gain model you can get really creative with and the Darkglass bass “pedal” might be the best tool of them all, as it frankly sounds better than the real thing and quickly has become my favorite bass plugin to compliment my real amps/sampsamp. Neural is running laps around the other guitar plugins right now with their simple yet versatile designs, incredible realistic sounds, and just enough quality tools to get any job done instead of a million little option paralysis inducing buttons and doohickeys. These are the guitar plugins I waited decades for, all from my favorite real high gain amp modder/designer."

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