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We have reverbs! March 2020 Quad Cortex Development Update

It’s been a restless month at Neural DSP since our last update. A lot has been happening with Quad Cortex, so now felt like an appropriate time to give a development update, as well as address some concerns regarding COVID-19. The key development advances with Quad Cortex are: We have completed the communication drivers for … Continued

Quad Cortex Virtual Device List

This entire list consists of full-circuit-models, and it will continue to expand permanently! Neural Captures will also be added later. Models by September 2020 Guitar Amplifiers Double RVB Normal: Fender® 65 Twin Reverb® Double RVB Vibrato: Fender® 65 Twin Reverb® Rols Jazz CH120: Roland® Jazz Chorus 120 UK C30: Vox® AC30® UK C30 Top Boost: … Continued

Project: Zen

I am Doug Castro. Before founding Neural DSP, I founded and ran a bass hardware company – Darkglass Electronics. Darkglass is nowadays becoming a market leader in bass effects, amplifiers, and cabinets, known for maintaining very high standards when it comes to manufacturing quality, features, and design. At Darkglass I was not only the CEO … Continued