Electronics Hardware Engineer

Neural DSP is developing technology to advance the state of the art in the music industry by at least two decades an order of magnitude sooner.

About you:

You are keen on understanding the whole product development cycle.

You get things done. You might be passionate about the creative nature of music and arts but have also have a solid footing on what it takes to engineer reliable hardware effectively.

You are a multidisciplinary team member. You are excited to work with and learn from experts in other fields.

About the role:

You will work drawing schematics and designing printed circuit board layouts of varying degrees of complexity.

You have experience in the different development stages of hardware development, from soldering and hacking early-stage PCB prototypes to documenting bill of materials for mass manufacturing.


  • Will be in charge of design, test, and validation of the circuitry that will part of the next generation of creative audio hardware.

Key Qualifications

  • Excellent communication skills (after all, great skills without good communication are pointless (smile)).
  • Multi-sheet, hierarchical schematic design.
  • PCB layout (up to 8-layers).
  • High-speed layout techniques (controlled Z, matched length, ground planes, etc.).
  • Design for EMC / ESD compliance.
  • Ability to understand technical documentation.
  • Digital / microprocessor / DSP design.
  • Simulation / rapid prototyping of electronic circuits.
  • Ability to work on own initiative with minimum supervision.

Preferred Qualifications

  • Audio equipment interconnection techniques.
  • Familiar with AES67 standard.
  • Experience with signal integrity T&V.
  • Hardware testing techniques (long term, destructive, nondestructive, etc.).
  • Design of production test systems.
  • Analogue / low noise audio design.
  • Switch-mode power supply design.
  • Design for mass production and electronic components sourcing (long term availability, consolidation, obsolescence, etc.).
  • Embedded C code is a plus!


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