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A power switch that never breaks: May 2020 Quad Cortex Development Update

We’ve packed a lot of new features into Quad Cortex since our last update back in March. The team has transitioned into remote work fantastically, and development is moving ahead at full speed. Neural Capture Neural Capture is running on Quad Cortex. We previously tested Neural Capture in our development framework. We took the Neural … Continued

Ultimate Guide to Using Neural DSP Plugins

It’s 2020. If you haven’t heard of guitar plugins then, well, what are you doing on our website?! Neural DSP is leading the game in creating ultra-realistic digital models of analog components you know and love, delivering them in an affordable package with a beautiful, easy-to-use user interface. If you’re new to plugins and you’re … Continued

We have reverbs! March 2020 Quad Cortex Development Update

It’s been a restless month at Neural DSP since our last update. A lot has been happening with Quad Cortex, so now felt like an appropriate time to give a development update, as well as address some concerns regarding COVID-19. The key development advances with Quad Cortex are: We have completed the communication drivers for … Continued

Quad Cortex Virtual Device List

This entire list consists of full-circuit-models, and it will continue to expand permanently! Neural Captures will also be added later. Models by September 2020 Guitar Amplifiers Double RVB Normal: Fender® 65 Twin Reverb® Double RVB Vibrato: Fender® 65 Twin Reverb® Rols Jazz CH120: Roland® Jazz Chorus 120 UK C30: Vox® AC30® UK C30 Top Boost: … Continued

Project: Zen

I am Doug Castro. Before founding Neural DSP, I founded and ran a bass hardware company – Darkglass Electronics. Darkglass is nowadays becoming a market leader in bass effects, amplifiers, and cabinets, known for maintaining very high standards when it comes to manufacturing quality, features, and design. At Darkglass I was not only the CEO … Continued