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Soldano SLO-100 X

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  1. Ilok

    License manager

    Please make sure you have the latest iLok License Manager application installed and running.

  2. Install


    Run the installer and be sure to install the plugin formats you require.

    Trial Activation

    After installing the plugin, launch the standalone app or load it in your DAW. When the license window opens, click “TRY” and follow the on-screen instructions.

    License Activation

    If you have purchased a plugin license, click “ACTIVATE” when the license window opens. Skip the code entry and login to your iLok account to activate your license.

  3. Play


    Standalone App - Just launch the standalone version and play! You can find the Settings menu in the utility bar at the bottom of the plugin interface.

    DAW - Open your favorite DAW, create an audio session, and load the plugin on an audio track. Then you are ready to go!

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