Our checkout no longer requires you to log in or register!

April 6, 2022

Our checkout no longer requires you to log in or register!

We have made a number of small changes to our website to make it easier download and purchase plugins.


Checkout without authentication

You are now not required to log in or register when purchasing a plugin. If you don't log in during the checkout, you will receive an email after completing your payment asking you to provide your iLok username so we can deposit your license(s). You can also use this method to purchase a license as a gift.

If you make a purchase and forget to log in, your order will still show in your account as long as you specify the same email address as used on your Neural DSP account when you checkout.

In addition, we have added a "Buy Now" button to every plugin, allowing you to bypass the basket entirely and go straight to checkout.


Downloads without authentication

Similarly, the downloads page can also be accessed without having to log in or register, allowing you to get a new free trial or download an update even quicker.


Mobile free trials

If you're browsing on mobile and tap a free trial button, you can send yourself an email reminder with the download links so you can immediately download the free trial when you're back at your computer.

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