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Neural Capture Image Guidelines

Please follow the below guidelines when submitting a Neural Capture image. Failure to do so could result in your image being rejected.


  • You should only post an image that you created.

  • Screenshots from an online shop or from a manufacturer website will be rejected, even if it represents the product you have Captured.

Good representation

  • The image should best represent your Neural Capture and should focus on the device being Captured.

  • The image should not include anything else except for the device (i.e. people, animals, etc.)

  • The settings shown on the device in the image should represent the settings used when the Capture was created.

  • If the device being captured is a plugin, the image should contain the plugin window only (not the whole desktop).

Minimal editing

  • The image should not contain watermarks and should not be edited to add text, icons, badges, or other drawings.

  • The image should not be stretched or warped.

Good quality

  • The image quality should be of good quality. Images with poor quality/resolution or images that are blurry may be rejected.