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Archetype: Mateus Asato

Archetype: Mateus Asato

Explore the creative and expressive tones of a modern-day guitar virtuoso.



In the world of guitar virtuosos, Mateus Asato stands as a beacon of creativity. With his distinct blend of technical prowess, soulful expression, and an unmistakable sense of style, Mateus has transcended the boundaries of what it means to be a modern guitar player. His music flows effortlessly through genres leaving audiences around the globe spellbound by his artistry.

It was inevitable that when the time came to create Archetype: Mateus Asato we knew we had to match the exceptional nature of the man himself. 

Collaborating with Mateus was an adventure in creativity and inspiration. Describing himself as part of the “sound-seekers community”, his desire for a tool that could match the intricacies of his playing led us to create a plugin containing an unrivaled collection of boutique gear with the precision and innovation that only our state-of-the-art technology can offer.

We invite you to embark on a musical journey that mirrors the boundless artistry of Mateus himself. This plugin is a tribute to his talent, a celebration of his unique style, and an invitation to explore new horizons in your own music. We hope that using it will inspire you as much as creating it has inspired us.

We proudly present to you, Archetype: Mateus Asato.

Pre Effects

COMP: Opt-based compressor with a powerful tilt EQ and an additional mix control. Best used with single coil pickups.

OD1: A mid-gain overdrive that also functions nicely as a boost or a sound-shaping tool at lower gain values. The Mid Boost control was customized to Mateus’s requirements. 

OD2: Based on a classic distortion/fuzz box enhanced for the modern player, this pedal delivers tones ranging from gentle overdrives to compressed fuzzes. 

MOD: Combining an amp-like tremolo and a classic analog chorus and vibrato, we have designed the ultimate modulation pedal to use in front of the amplifiers.


Three phenomenal amplifiers designed to offer rich clean, edge-of-breakup, and incredibly smooth lead tones.

Vintage Clean

A British-voiced amp made tighter, brighter, and punchier. Incredibly dynamic and responsive, perfect for edge-of-breakup tones.

Modern Clean

A boutique re-interpretation of a Fender-style amplifier. Gigantic headroom for big, warm clean tones. Ideal for use with single-coil pickups.


Excellent for mid-high gain sounds. Its natural compression makes it very pleasant for playing lead, while remaining precise and responsive for rhythm playing.

Cabsim + IR Loader

A comprehensive cabsim module with hundreds of IRs captured by Neural DSP and 10 virtual microphones that can be easily positioned around the speakers. This module also serves as a standard IR loader.

9-Band Graphic EQ

One per amplifier, with high & low pass filters for total control over frequency response.

Post Effects

Echo: This brand new delay algorithm emulates the speed up / slow down effect and characterful tape saturation and modulation of an iconic tape delay. Where digital meets analog beautifully is the improved tap times which can be spread to a stereo field for ping-pong and circular delay tones.

Reverb: A very ambient reverb designed for long decay tails. Featuring two distinct modes:

  • Hall: Inspired by classic 80s studio reverbs

  • Plate: Inspired by modern studio-quality reverb pedals

Both reverbs can decay to almost infinite.

Transpose & Doubler

Transpose: pitch your guitar up or down by a constant interval (+12/-12 semitones). Use this to easily change the tuning of your instrument.

Doubler: project your signal to a simulated stereo field giving you the sound of a double-tracked recording. 


Now featuring an additional live tuner that displays at the bottom of the UI.


The built-in metronome is ideal for practicing.


No DAW? No problem! Run Archetype: Mateus Asato as a standalone app with no additional software required.

System Requirements

Archetype: Mateus Asato comes in 64-bit VST2 / VST3 / AU / AAX / Standalone.

Latest OS Compatibility for Windows & Mac, including Native Apple Silicon.

For more information about system requirements visit our support page.

Free iLok License Manager and iLok account needed.

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