Omega Ampworks Granophyre

From dirty blues to crushing metal, this dark horse is sure to surprise you.



When we heard the Granophyre, with its beautiful saturation, we knew we had a unique challenge in capturing the spectrum of tones available in such a simple format. The result is a plugin that not only truly represents the single-channel amplifier that inspired it, but is a joy to play. From dirty blues to crushing metal, this dark horse is sure to surprise you.

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EarthQuaker Devices Plumes

Along with the amplifier, an official model of EarthQuaker Devices’ Plumes pedal is included. Much like the Granophyre, Plumes delivers huge results through its simple controls. It’s a classic booster pedal but with a clarity and presence like no other, plus 3 different saturation circuits at the access of one toggle switch. Turn everything all the way up and you’ll notice that it’s impressively loud, and more impressively not noisy.

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Amp Features

Selectable power tubes: EL34, 6L6, KT66

Low gain setting: Softer response, thicker tone, gentler highs, and rounder lows

High gain setting: Tighter low end, more saturation, more upper-mids

Voice switch: Changes the placement of your midrange focus.

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Ideal for detailed spectrum adjustment, the onboard 9-band graphic equalizer allows for total control over frequency response.


Completing the Omega Ampworks Granophyre tone stack, we’ve got an Omega Ampworks Granophyre cab with 12 IRs per microphone offering the truest distillation of how the Granophyre should sound.

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The Standalone feature allows you to quickly install, plug and play. Standalone is perfect for practice on the go and live use.

Omega Ampworks Granophyre > Cabsim > Image
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System Requirements

Omega Ampworks Granophyre comes in 64-bit VST / AU / AAX / Standalone.

Latest OS Compatibility for Windows & Mac.

For more information about system requirements visit our FAQ section.

FREE iLok License Manager and iLok account needed.

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