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Soldano SLO-100 X

Soldano SLO-100 X

The legendary amplifier that originated American high-gain tone.



In the annals of guitar amplification, few names command the reverence and awe bestowed upon the Soldano SLO-100. The unique circuitry that Mike Soldano pioneered didn't just make the SLO-100 iconic; it is responsible for the American high-gain sound as prevalent in modern music today as it was almost four decades ago.

Recreating every nuance of this extraordinary amplifier was an immense responsibility that we did not take lightly, and in 2021 the Soldano SLO-100 plugin was born.

Now, in 2024, we’re pleased to revisit this titan of tone and update it with our most advanced plugin technology.

We proudly present to you, the Soldano SLO-100 X.

Pre Effects

We designed four unique algorithms to compliment the SLO-100 - a compressor, boost (OD1), overdrive (OD2), and a vintage chorus.


Just like the amplifier, the plugin features two channels covering the entire dynamic range needed by the modern guitarist. Normal is a crystalline clean channel. The Bright switch provides a treble boost for extra definition. The Crunch switch adds a gain boost and warmer saturation. Overdrive provides additional gain, perfectly balancing presence and body, ideal for rhythm tones or soaring leads.


Ideal for detailed spectrum adjustment, the onboard 9-band graphic EQ with high & low pass filters for total control over frequency response.


A comprehensive cabsim module with hundreds of IRs made by Adam "Nolly" Getgood. Featuring six virtual microphones that can be easily positioned around the speakers. In addition to the hundreds of IRs, this module can be used to load your own IR files. 

Post Effects

Our beautiful delay and reverb engine with simplified controls.

Transpose & Doubler

Transpose: Pitch your guitar up or down by a constant interval (+12/-12 semitones). Use this to easily change the tuning of your instrument.

Doubler: Project your signal to a simulated stereo field giving you the sound of a double-tracked recording.


Now featuring an additional live tuner that displays at the bottom of the UI.


To perfectly supplement your practice, the metronome allows you to control time signature, accent sounds, and note values (the metronome is only available in Standalone).


No DAW? No problem! Run the SLO-100 X as a standalone app with no additional software required.

System requirements

Soldano SLO-100 X comes in 64-bit VST2 / VST3 / AU / AAX / Standalone.

Latest OS Compatibility for Windows & Mac, including Native Apple Silicon.

For more information about system requirements visit our support page.

Free iLok License Manager and iLok account needed.

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