Quad Cortex

The most powerful floor modeler on the planet

“People who are really serious about software should make their own hardware.”

-Alan Kay

Vulgar Display of Power

Quad Cortex is the most powerful floor modeler on the planet. With 2GHz of dedicated DSP from its Quad-Core SHARC® architecture, this ludicrous amount of processing capacity provides limitless sound design possibilities.

Want to run four amplifier models, stereo reverbs, and a plethora of other effects simultaneously? Quad Cortex won’t even break a sweat.

Neural Capture

Capture, share and download your favorite rigs’ sounds.
Equipped with our unique biomimetic AI technology, Quad Cortex can learn and replicate the sonic characteristics of any physical amplifier, overdrive, and cabinet with unprecedented accuracy.

Unlike any other, our sophisticated neural network algorithm perceives sound akin to human perception, making it the most natural-sounding capture solution on the planet.

We are collaborating with some of the best producers and sound designers to provide an ever-growing collection of free rig captures in addition to our full-circuit models.

As good as it gets

Quad Cortex packs a vast amount of state-of-the-art emulations of your favorite gear with unprecedented accuracy and unbelievably natural dynamic response.

An ever-expanding collection of guitar and bass algorithms

50 +


70 +


1000 +



With over 1000 perfectly captured impulse responses, Quad Cortex ships with one of the most extensive IR collections on the planet – and it is the only of its kind equipped with virtual microphones that can be positioned around the speaker like in a real studio. Third-party IRs are extremely easy to load.

Powerful parametric EQ

Absolute control at your fingertips. Taking full advantage of the 7” multi-touch display, our parametric EQ is intuitive and fun to use.

Unparalleled Intuitiveness & Flexibility

We figured out a better way to do modelers.

With its massive 7” multi-touch display, Quad Cortex is unbelievably easy to use. Effortlessly create even the most complex signal paths.

Drag-and-drop blocks to change the order or routing in seconds.

Visualize and control the settings of inputs and outputs with one swipe.

Switching Modes

Switching modes couldn’t be easier, providing easy access to features and switch customization.

Stomp Mode: Assign and activate any block in a rig to a footswitch like you would with an analog pedalboard.

Scene Mode: Select any footswitch to instantly activate and control the settings of any number of blocks within a rig.

Preset Mode: Instant access to 8 virtual rigs.

Unbelievably Compact

Using advanced mechanical design and manufacturing techniques, we managed to not only build the most powerful floor modeler/multi-effects processor on the planet, we also managed to pack it all in an extremely compact format.


29 x 19 x 4.9cm


1.95KG / 4.2lbs

15" MacBook Pro®


Quad Cortex comes in a gorgeous anodized aluminum unibody, with laser engraved graphics that never fade.

Our multi-touch display is armored with a chemically strengthened protective glass and a reinforced touch sensor panel.

Tech Specs

7” display with multi-touch sensors

An ever-growing collection of hyper-realistic virtual devices

Neural Capture ™

Proprietary stainless steel stomp+rotary actuators

2GHz Quad-Core SHARC® architecture

WiFi module for wireless preset sharing, cloud backups, over-the-air firmware updates, and more!

Anodized aluminum unibody

Use Quad Cortex as a high-fidelity interface, with Cirrus Logic codecs and an ultra-low-latency USB audio transmission.

1. Dual Combo Inputs: TS, TRS, and XLR, variable impedance and level controls, built-in microphone preamps, and phantom power supplies.

2. Dual effects-loops: ideal for embedding external mono, or stereo effects into your signal chain, as well as additional input/output jacks.

3. 1/4” Output jacks: two mono, balanced (TRS) outputs provide pristine sound quality and optimal noise performance.

4. XLR Output jacks: two mono, balanced XLR output jacks

5. Headphone Output: ideal for quiet practicing.

6. MIDI In, Out/Thru: receive and send MIDI messages to automate switching and control of every parameter in Quad Cortex, as well as controlling other units.

7. Dual Expression Inputs: connect up to two expression pedals. They can be assigned to control wahs, volume, as well as pitch-shifting algorithms

8. USB: Ultra-low latency audio transmission, firmware updates, MIDI, and more.

9. 11 stainless steel stomp+rotary actuators allow for switching and rotational control (just like the footswitches and knobs you are used to, but unbreakable).

All audio connectors are Neutrik®

In the interest of continuous improvement, specifications are subject to change without notice. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Neural CNS

Seamlessly Integrate Cortex with your favorite devices

Explore and share endless presets on the cloud using Neural CNS Mobile. It syncs up to your device, and with Quad Cortex’s built-in WiFi module all the presets are beamed wirelessly.

Cortex Desktop Controller allows you to control the floor unit in real-time, as well as direct access to Neural CNS for exploring, sharing and downloading presets with the Cortex users community

Latest Information

For the latest information about Quad Cortex, please check our blog and Quad Cortex FAQs page.

All product names are trademarks of their respective owners, which are in no way associated or affiliated with Neural DSP Technologies.

Models by September 2020

Guitar Amplifiers

This entire list consists of full-circuit-models, and it will continue to expand permanently! Neural Captures will also be added later.

  1. Double RVB Normal: Fender® 65 Twin Reverb®
  2. Double RVB Vibrato: Fender® 65 Twin Reverb®
  3. Rols Jazz CH120: Roland® Jazz Chorus 120
  4. UK C30: Vox® AC30®
  5. UK C30 Top Boost: Vox® AC30® Top Boost
  6. UK C15: Vox® AC15®
  7. UK C15 Top Boost: Vox® AC15® Top Boost
  8. BF DLX RVB Normal: Fender® Blackface Deluxe Reverb®
  9. BF DLX RVB Vibrato: Fender® Blackface Deluxe Reverb®
  10. BF Super RVB Normal: Fender® Blackface Super Reverb®
  11. BF Super RVB Vibrato: Fender® Blackface Super Reverb®
  12. BF Prince RVB: Fender® Blackface Princeton Reverb®
  13. Vishnu: Bogner® Shiva® Clean Channel
  14. Hiw103: Hiwatt® DR103®
  15. Captain 50 Clean: Morgan® SW50®  Clean
  16. California Star 100W Ch1: Mesa® Boogie Lonestar® 100W Channel 1
  17. California Star 100W Ch2: Mesa® Boogie Lonestar® 100W Channel 2
  18. British Plexi Bright: Marshall® Super Lead 100 Bright
  19. British Plexi Normal: Marshall® Super Lead 100 Normal
  20. British Plexi Patch: Marshall® Super Lead® 100 Jumpered 
  21. Plexi 50 Bright: Marshall® Lead 50 Bright 
  22. Plexi 50 Normal: Marshall® Lead 50 Normal 
  23. British Plexi 50 Patch: Marshall® Lead 50 Jumpered
  24. British 2203: Marshall® JCM800®
  25. British UB Rhythm: Marshall® Jubilee® Rhythm Channel
  26. British UB Lead: Marshall® Jubilee® Lead Channel
  27. British TM45 Bright: Marshall® JTM 45 Bright
  28. British TM45 Normal: Marshall® JTM 45 Normal
  29. British TM45 Patch: Marshall® JTM 45 Jumpered
  30. PV-505 Rhythm: Peavey® 6505 Rhythm
  31. PV-505 Lead: Peavey® 6505 Lead
  32. EV III Blue: EVH® 5150 III Blue
  33. EV III Red: EVH® 5150 III Red
  34. California Rectifier Orange: Mesa® Boogie® Dual Rectifier® Orange
  35. California Rectifier Red: Mesa® Boogie® Dual Rectifier® Red
  36. California Tremo Orange: Mesa® Boogie® Trem-O-Verb® Orange
  37. California Tremo Red: Mesa® Boogie® Trem-O-Verb® Red 
  38. D-Cell Herb Ch1: Diezel® Herbert® Channel 1
  39. D-Cell Herb Ch2: Diezel® Herbert® Channel 2
  40. D-Cell Herb Ch3: Diezel® Herbert® Channel 3
  41. D-Cell H4 Ch3: Diezel® VH4® Channel 3
  42. D-Cell H4 Ch4: Diezel® VH4® Channel 4
  43. FreeBe 100 Clean: Friedman® HBE100® Clean Channel
  44. FreeBe 100 Rhythm: Friedman® HBE100® BE Channel
  45. FreeBe 100 Lead: Friedman® HBE100® HBE Channel
  46. Uber: Bogner® Uberschall®
  47. Solo 100 Lead: Soldano® SLO® 100 Lead
  48. Solo 100 Crunch: Soldano® SLO® 100 Crunch
  49. California 2C+ Lead: Mesa® Boogie® Mark IIC+ Lead
  50. California 2C+ Clean: Mesa® Boogie® Mark IIC+ Clean



More to be added.

  1. 412 California Vintage: Mesa® Boogie traditional straight with UK Celestion® V30
  2. 412 D-Cell = Diezel® straight guitar cabinet with Celestion® V30
  3. 412 EV = EVH® straight guitar cabinet with Celestion® G12EVH
  4. 212 Tweed = Fender® 2×12 with Celestion A-Type speaker
  5. 412 British 1960 = Marshall® 1960 with UK made Greenback G12M-25
  6. 412 British 1971 = Marshall® 1960 with Pulsonic-era Greenbacks
  7. 412 California Oversize = Mesa® Boogie Oversize with UK made Celestion® V30
  8. 412 Godzilla = Zilla Cabs® Oversized with Celestion® Creamback G12H-75
  9. 412 British Silver = Marshall® 1987 Silver Jubilee 2551B with Celestion® G12T-75 speakers
  10. 412 Crush = Orange® PPC412 with UK Celestion® Vintage 30
  11. 412 Ubercab = Bogner® Uberkab guitar cabinet rear-loaded with Celestion® Vintage 30 and G12T-T75
  12. 212 Sur = Suhr® 2×12 with Celestion® V-Type speaker
  13. 212 UK C30 =  Vox® AC30 combo with 60s Silver Bell with highly sought after Pulsonic cones
  14. 410 Bass CL = Ampeg® SVT-410HE 4×10 bass cabinet (not sure what speakers they use)
  15. D410C Darkglass® = Darkglass® D410C loaded with custom Eminence® ceramic drivers


Bass Amplifiers

  1. Bass Super Valve Ampeg® SVT®
  2. California Bass 400 Mesa Boogie® Bass 400+®
  3. Bass Flip-top Ch 64’ Ampeg® B15 – 1964 Channel
  4. Bass Flip-top Ch 66′ Ampeg® B15 – 1966 Channel
  5. Bass Flip-top Patch  Ampeg® B15 – Jumped
  6. G400K Gallien Krueger® 400RB®
  7. British Bass 50 Bright: Marshall® Super Bass® 50 Bright
  8. British Bass 50 Normal: Marshall® Super Bass® 50 Normal
  9. British Bass 50 Patch: Marshall® Super Bass® 50 Jumpered


Guitar Distortion

  1. Fuzz Pi EHX® Big Muff Pi®
  2. Chief BD2 Boss® BD-2
  3. Chief DS1 Boss® DS-1
  4. Chief MT Boss® MT-2
  5. Chief OD1 Boss® OD-1
  6. Chief SD1 Boss® SD-1
  7. OD250 DOD® 250
  8. Freeman BOD Friedman® BE-OD®
  9. Round Fuzz Ge Dallas Arbiter® Fuzz Face®
  10. Myth Drive Klon® Centaur®
  11. British Blues Marshall® Blues Breaker®
  12. British Governor Marshall® Guv’nor®
  13. Compulsive Drive Fulltone® OCD®
  14. Octofuzz Octa Fuzz®
  15. Rodent Drive ProCo® Rat®
  16. Rage Boost Range Master®
  17. Green 808 Ibanez® TS808®
  18. Exotic Xotic® BB Preamp®


Bass Overdrives

  1. Darkglass® Microtubes B3K®
  2. Darkglass® Vintage Microtubes®
  3. BDDI: Tech 21® Bass Driver DI® 
  4. Soviet Fuzz: EHX® Russian Big Muff®
  5. Animate Fuzz: Human Gear®  Animato® 
  6. Brass Matters: Maestro® Brass Master®



  1. Jewel Comp Diamond® Compressor®
  2. Legendary 87: 1176® 
  3. Dynamic Comp MXR® Dynacomp® 
  4. Solid State Comp SSL® Bus 
  5. Super Symmetry Darkglass® Super Symmetry®
  6. Hairlow Bogner® Harlow®
  7. Neural Compressor 



  1. Tape
  2. Analog
  3. Digital
  4. Multitap
  5. Ping-pong



  1. Room 
  2. Ambience
  3. Hall
  4. Cave
  5. Shimmer
  6. Plate
  7. Modulated Reverb
  8. Reverse Reverb
  9. Swell Reverb
  10. Singularity Reverb
  11. Interstellar Reverb
  12. Spring Reverb



  1. Vintage Chorus
  2. Dual Chorus
  3. 8 Voice Chorus
  4. Vibrato
  5. Tremolo
  6. Tremolo/Panner
  7. Flanger
  8. Phaser
  9. Rotary



  1. Analog Octave
  2. Polyphonic Octaver
  3. Detune
  4. Digital Octave
  5. Wham: Whammy®
  6. Intelligent Pitch
  7. Drop


Wah and Envelope

  1. British Wah: Vox® Wah
  2. Crying Wah: Dunlop® Wah
  3. Crying Bass Wah: Dunlop® Bass Wah
  4. Bad Horse: Morley® Bad Horsie®
  5. Crying Wah From Hell: Dunlop® Cry Baby® From Hell
  6. Fuller’s Bonnie: Fulltone® Clyde
  7. MXC404 Wah: MXR® MC404 CAE
  8. Crying Clyde Wah: Dunlop® Cry Baby® Clyde McCoy
  9. uTron Auto Wah: Mu-Tron®
  10. Love Meat: Lovetone® Meatball®
  11. Guitar Auto Wah



  1. Parametric
  2. Graphic 6 Band
  3. Graphic 10 Band
  4. 3-band
  5. 4-band
  6. Peak/Notch
  7. Low Pass
  8. Highpass



  • Volume pedal
  • Slow Gear / Swell
  • FX loop
  • Noise Gate
  • Tuner


Models to be added in subsequent free updates

Guitar Amplifiers

  1. D-Cell H4 Ch1: Diezel® VH4® Channel 1
  2. D-Cell H4 Ch2: Diezel® VH4® Channel 2
  3. XTC Green: Bogner® Ecstasy
  4. XTC Blue: Bogner® Ecstasy
  5. XTC Red: Bogner® Ecstasy
  6. OG Crusherverb: Orange® Rockerverb® 
  7. No Match 30: Matchless® DC30 
  8. NGL 530 Pre Engl® 530 
  9. DAD Pre: ADA® MP-1 
  10. XYZ Pre: Mesa Boogie® Triaxis® 
  11. Comfort Feline: Cornford® Hellcat 
  12. Tweed DLX: Fender® Tweed Deluxe®
  13. California Dream 2C+ Lead: Mesa Boogie® JP-2C® Lead
  14. California Dream 2C+ Clean: Mesa Boogie® JP-2C® – Clean
  15. EL34 PWR Marshall® Poweramp 
  16. 6L6 PWR Mesa Boogie® Poweramp  
  17. California Star 50W Ch1: Mesa Boogie® Lonestar® 50W Channel 1
  18. California Star 50W Ch2: Mesa Boogie® Lonestar® 50W Channel 2
  19. British Bass 100 Bright: Marshall® Super Bass 100 Bright 
  20. British Bass 100 Normal: Marshall® Super Bass 100 Normal
  21. British Bass 100 Patch: Marshall® Super Bass 100 Jumpered
  22. British 900: Marshall® JCM 900®
  23. EV III Green: EVH® 5150® III Green
  24. Sonn Mod T CH1 Sunn® Model T® – Channel One
  25. Sonn Mod T CH2 Sunn® Model T® – Channel Two


Bass Amplifiers

  1. AG Thor’s Hammer 500 Aguilar® Tone Hammer 500® 
  2. AG D750B Aguilar® DB 751®
  3. Bass 360: Acoustic® 360



  • Looper

The list of models is for reference only. This list might change at any time without prior notice from Neural DSP
®All registered trademarks are property of their respective owners and are used for reference purposes only, and reflect no affiliation or endorsement from the owners with or to Neural DSP Technologies.