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July 13, 2021

CorOS 1.1.0 is now available

CorOS 1.1.0 is now available. Download it via Settings > Device Options > Device Updates on your Quad Cortex once connected to Wi-Fi. We recommend that you create a backup before updating your firmware.

CorOS 1.1.0 includes two brand new devices: Digital Flanger and Shimmer as well as Expression Bypass and auto-engage functionality for expression pedals. Furthermore, all of the Reverb and Delay devices have been optimized allowing for more instances to run in a single Preset. System boot time has been reduced by approximately 25% and USB audio performance has been significantly improved on MacOS and Windows computers.

Read the changelog for the full list of changes.



  • Expression Bypass. Expression Bypass functionality has been added and new controls are now available via the Assign Expression Pedal menu. Bypass On, Invert Range, Bypass Delay, and Switch Type.

  • Digital Flanger. A new Flanger device has been added with a Volume parameter. The current Flanger has been renamed to “Flangerish”. 

  • Shimmer. The Shimmer Reverb device has been added.


  • Reverb (Modulated, Cave, Hall, Ambience, Room) devices have been optimized. Significantly more instances can be run in a single Preset.

  • Reverb (Modulated, Cave, Hall, Ambience, Room) algorithms have been improved, resulting in improved clarity and additional openness to sound. 

  • Delay (Digital, Ping Pong, Simple, Tape) devices have been optimized. Significantly more instances can be run in a single Preset.

  • System boot time has been reduced by approximately 25%. Users with a large number of user Presets should see even greater improvement in performance.

  • USB audio performance has been significantly improved on MacOS and Windows computers.

  • When downloading Presets or Neural Captures from Cortex Cloud, a spinner now displays when the item is downloading, and a checkmark displays to indicate the download has completed. The checkmark remains visible to indicate previously downloaded items.

  • The default parameters for the Simple Flanger and all Reverb devices have been modified.

  • Items can now be removed from the “Shared with Me” folder.

  • A warning message now displays when connecting to a WiFi network with low signal strength.

  • A warning message now displays when sending logs via the Send Report menu.

  • Several buttons have been optimized in The Directory to provide more space for Preset/Capture/IR names.

  • The Darkglass AOU Captures in Factory Captures 2 have been reorganized to be in the correct order.


  • The Tuner now functions correctly when the FREQ parameter is set to any value other than 440 Hz.

  • An issue where Outputs would at times randomly be swapped or muted upon booting.

  • The Cabsim LEVEL UI has been updated to display “OFF” instead of -12db.

  • An issue where the same Input/Output could be assigned to an Input/Output block as well as an FX Loop block.

  • An issue where quickly dragging & dropping multiple Presets to the “Copy to Cloud” area would result in an error.

  • An issue where the tap tempo footswitch LED would be off after entering & exiting standby mode while the device receives MIDI clock via USB.

  • An issue where Scene labels would overlap long device names on the parameter editor.

  • An issue where the Neural Capture menu would exit slowly when quitting at the first step.

  • An issue where loading a Preset with expression pedal assignments would quickly sweep from the min to max value.

  • An issue where using the “Set parameters as defaults” function would not store expression pedal assignments.

  • An issue where backup file information would not display correctly when logged in to multiple devices.

  • An issue where Reverb devices warble momentarily when added to The Grid.

  • An issue where duplicating a Preset or Capture could exceed the max character limit.

  • An issue where Starred Presets would display in the Starred Captures list after removing a star from a Neural Capture in The Directory.

  • An issue where duplicated Factory Presets would unnecessarily have a number appended to their name.

  • An issue where Gig View could open behind the parameter editor when triggered with MIDI CC#46.

  • An issue where the author name would show as the sender name when sharing a public Preset/Capture via Cortex Mobile.

  • The touch area for the bypass button in the parameter editor has been expanded. 

  • An issue where some folders in The Directory would incorrectly have drag-and-drop functionality.

  • An issue where an incorrect error message would display when uploading a Preset/Capture whose name already existed on the associated Cortex Cloud account.

  • An issue where the “something went wrong” error would display behind the parameter editor, preventing the device from being restarted.

  • A crash occurring when opening Neural Capture while the device receives MIDI clock via the MIDI DIN jack. 

  • An issue where the device would become slow after assigning multiple parameters to an expression pedal, moving the device block, then using the undo function.

  • An issue where using the Up footswitch to navigate through devices would remove the active block’s bypass when the parameter editor was open.

  • An issue where a disabled Grid path would appear enabled after tapping the Input/Output blocks multiple times.

  • An issue where some FX Loop blocks could not be created after using the undo function to change Input/Output block types.

  • An issue where CC Toggle could be selected in the On Preset Load Message menu.

  • An issue where a Scene label would be displayed next to the microphone name in the parameter editor of the cab block when using certain bass cabinets.

  • An issue where changing the master volume would not take effect while the Tuner was active when streaming USB audio.

  • An issue where the Tuner would not detect a signal after changing the input and power-cycling the device.

  • An issue where a Cloud Preset is still viewable in The Directory if the Preset is deleted via Cortex Mobile while The Directory is open.

  • An issue where “Error 203” would appear when double-tapping the delete button when deleting a Preset or Capture from Cortex Cloud via The Directory.

  • An issue where the device would become unresponsive to MIDI messages after spamming MIDI messages in quick succession.

  • An issue where an existing Preset would be overwritten when creating a new Preset via the contextual menu when the Setlist is full.

  • An issue where the Shared with Me folder would return to the page it was closed on when leaving and returning to The Directory.

  • An issue where IR names would be preserved in the Save menu when saving a Preset after saving an IR.

  • An issue where Presets/Captures could become un-starred when scrolling the Cloud folders near the Star icons.

  • An issue where tags would not correctly display when downloading a Preset and modifying the bank location.

  • An issue where parameters could not be unassigned from Scenes when using a custom IR in the Cab block.

  • The save button on The Grid now correctly returns to its default state 2 seconds after tapping it to save your changes.

  • An issue where some bass cabs would sound distant upon initial load.

  • An issue where the Foog device’s MIX parameter would show 0-10% instead of 0-100%.

  • Several minor backend fixes and optimisations.