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Knowledge baseQuad Cortex updatesCorOS 1.4.1 is now available
September 15, 2022

CorOS 1.4.1 is now available

CorOS 1.4.1 is now available. Download it via Settings > Device Options > Device Updates on your Quad Cortex once connected to Wi-Fi. We recommend that you create a backup before updating your firmware.


An issue where a block with no footswitch assigned would automatically have a footswitch assigned when swapping the block with another on The Grid that has a footswitch assigned.

An issue where the Wah parameter could not be adjusted with small movements of Footswitch A when using the Bubba Wah or Crying Wah models.

An issue where incorrect factory IRs were loaded after moving a block to an empty slot when a Cab block was missing the third-party IRs with which the Preset was saved.

An issue where the Tempo LED wouldn’t blink when MIDI over USB was set to “Off” in the Settings > Midi Settings menu.

An issue where a bypassed device would incorrectly display as enabled/selected on The Grid.

An issue where QC would freeze within the Directory when the My Captures folder was full.

An issue where the state of linked outputs would not be maintained on the I/O Settings screen after restoring a backup.

An issue where opening the Parameter Editor for a Looper X block and rotating footswitch E would cause the Quad Cortex to crash.

Minor audio fixes and Preset optimization.