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February 28, 2023

Quad Cortex Development Update #33

Formerly Quad Cortex Development Update - February 2023

CorOS 2.0.1 was recently released to beta testers and is looking very promising. Testing will continue, but we hope to wrap it up and launch soon.

CorOS 2.1.0 focuses on new device models and several quality of life improvements that can be added while our team focuses on the much greater task of completing the desktop controller and plugin compatibility, which will be made available in future releases. We hope to be able to show a beta of the desktop controller at the NAMM show in April this year.

Redesigned Cabsim block

The Cabsim block has been redesigned to improve the user experience when adjusting the microphone positions and giving easier access to other parameters. The order of the parameters now mimics the order of Quad Cortex’s footswitches.

Tapping the selected microphone opens a list of microphones available.

On this screen you are also able to tap the Impulse Response icon to navigate the IRs loaded on your Quad Cortex should you opt to use the Cabsim block to load your IRs instead of the IR Loader block.

These can be sorted and filtered like they can in the Directory.

Load Cabsim/IR Loader when using Neural Capture

It is now possible to add a Cabsim or IR Loader block in the Neural Capture creation screen, allowing you to audition your Capture with a cabinet or IR without having to add it to The Grid.

The Cab/IR Loader block behaves as it would on The Grid, and can be bypassed in case you want to A/B against another output source.