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January 10, 2024

Introducing Archetype: Gojira X

Neural DSP Technologies Announces Archetype: Gojira X — The Sonic Soul of Guitarist Joe Duplantier Taken To A New Level

Archetype: Gojira X builds on its predecessor plugin — which brilliantly captures the unique musical heart and feel of Gojira guitar genius Joe Duplantier — and includes all-new Transpose, Doubler, Metronome and Live Tuner features and future Quad Cortex compatibility.

HELSINKI, FINLAND, January 10, 2024Neural DSP today announced the arrival of Archetype: Gojira X, the next iteration of the original Archetype: Gojira plugin that includes all of that popular product’s functions and capabilities in addition to new Transpose, Doubler, Metronome and Live Tuner features. Archetype: Gojira X will also soon feature complete compatibility with the award-winning Quad Cortex modeler, thus becoming the next in a series of continuously updated plugins for the next generation of products.

Gojira defies categorization: a band that holds the record for the loudest concert sound ever recorded at the Stade de France yet is sensitively involved in environmental, human- and animal-rights activism, they rapidly ascended the ranks of metal genres to become a global headliner. Gojira co-founder and guitarist Joe Duplantier is widely regarded as a metal-master of the guitar, and his memorable riffs and searing solos are at the core of the band’s signature sound.

“X” Marks The Spot

Archetype: Gojira X is a free update to the original Archetype: Gojira plugin (it will otherwise retail for €129, though 30% off until January 22nd) – and brings with it all the features that graced the first iteration.

It also offers a slew of new features, such as a redesigned UI, improved performance, and new visual assets; the latest global features such as Transpose, Doubler, Metronome, and Live Tuner; and perhaps most significant of all, soon-to-come Quad Cortex compatibility.

Archetype: Gojira X covers as vast a ground as the bands’ own classic-metal compositions. From clean, mellow ambient sounds to the most obliterating high gain, Archetype: Gojira X provides enough options for users to create their own iconic sounds. 

Archetype: Gojira X is the next step in our continuing effort to bring the essence of the world’s great guitarists to a state-of-the-art digital platform accessible by anyone with aspiration and talent,” says Dan Davies, Chief Marketing Officer at Neural DSP Technologies. “With every new iteration of our original Archetype plugins, we’re able to provide new features that give guitarists more creative options and avenues in a UI that’s effortless to use.”

Pitch Effects

Archetype: Gojira X’s Pitch Effects section features two algorithms, giving you unparalleled flexibility for crafting and tweaking your tone.

Wow — A MIDI-programmable pitch shifter pedal with 3 different modes providing ultimate control over the additional octave and pitch sweep and tracking better than the best analog equivalent. 

Oct — A polyphonic octaver pedal capable of adding two independent octaves, one a minus-one octave and the other minus-two octaves below your dry signal. 


These comprise an Overdrive pedal (OD), Distortion pedal (DRT), Phaser pedal (PHSR), and a Chorus pedal.(CHR) offer further augmentation of your guitar sound. Try subtle blends of each to forge complex and unique presets.


At the core of Archetype: Gojira X are three amplifiers meticulously tweaked with Joe Duplantier to achieve every aspect of Gojira’s versatile and monstrous sound:

Clean — A pristine model of a vintage tube amplifier sits at the front of the amp section. Lower the gain for clean tones or crank it for unbelievably natural tube saturation.

Rust — Featuring one of the biggest gain sweeps we’ve ever worked with, this behemoth will take you to Another World. Calling “Rust” a crunch amplifier would be like calling Silvera a lullaby.

Hot — Hotter than Magma; this channel is what you came for. It perfectly captures the clear, defined, ultra-high-gain tone Gojira is known for. Pair it with the Time Effects section for soaring lead tones or the Pitch Effects section for gargantuan rhythm tones.

Cabinet Simulation

A comprehensive cab-sim module with hundreds of IRs made by Adam "Nolly" Getgood is part of the Archetype: Gojira X package. It features six virtual microphones that can be easily positioned around the speakers to vary the sound. In addition to the hundreds of IRs, this module can also be used to load your own IR files.


This unique control allows you to use each head with its matched cabinet, or experiment by interchanging them.


The time section includes two powerful pedals. 

Delay — A haunting delay with tape saturation. 

Reverb — Chasmic reverb with a dark-voiced shimmer.

“It’s incredible that Archetype: Gojira X is able to capture the essence of what we bring to music…this tool will get you the wholesome sound and feel we’ve been crafting for years.” says Joe Duplantier of his latest Archetype plugin. “Working with Neural DSP on the original Archetype: Gojira was a tremendous experience for me as an artist, and seeing what they have been able to accomplish with the updated Archetype: Gojira X is even more satisfying.”

To learn more and purchase Archetype: Gojira X, click here. For hi-res imagery, click here.