Quad Cortex Factory Capture List

November 14, 2020

Quad Cortex Factory Capture List

Neural Captures provide the same sonic essence and dynamic response of the devices captured with unprecedented accuracy and realism. Additionally, they require less CPU than our full-circuit amp models, which is excellent for people who run multiple amplifiers on the same Preset. Our Factory Capture list is continually expanding. We have made so many Captures (300 and counting) that some will have to be added to Cortex Cloud so you can expand your collection free of charge. At launch, Quad Cortex will ship with Captures from over 20 guitar amps and 10 bass amps (in addition to the 50+ full-circuit-modeled amps), each with multiple tone settings and combinations of pedals, preamps, and power amps. We will continue to add to this list with subsequent, free of charge, firmware updates. All Captures were made by Matias Kupiainen, Finnish guitarist of Stratovarius, and one of Finland’s most sought after producers and audio engineers.

Guitar Amps

  1. Bogner® Uberschall®

  2. Carvin® X-100B® Series IV

  3. Cornford® Hellcat®

  4. Diezel® Herbert®

  5. ENGL® Inferno® Marty Friedman Signature®

  6. ENGL® Powerball® Mark 1

  7. ENGL® Ritchie Blackmore Signature 100®

  8. Fender® Princeton 65®

  9. Fryette® Sig:X®

  10. Komet® Concore®

  11. Krank® Rev1®

  12. Matchless® Chieftain®

  13. Mesa/Boogie® JP-2C®

  14. Mesa/Boogie® Mark IIC+®

  15. Mesa/Boogie® Mark III® Redstripe®

  16. Orange® Rocker® 30

  17. Orange® Rockerverb® 100 MK3

  18. Orange® Thunderverb® 50

  19. Paul Reed Smith® MT15®

  20. Peavey® 5150® Signature

  21. Victory Amps® Sheriff® 22

  22. Victory Amps® Super Kraken® 

Guitar Pedals

  1. BBE® Sonic Stomp Sonic Maximizer

  2. Bogner® Ecstasy® Blue Channel

  3. Ibanez® Sonic Distortion 9®

  4. Ibanez® Tube Screamer® 9

  5. Mad Professor® Golden Cello®

  6. Mad Professor® Simble Overdrive®

  7. MXR® Classic Distortion®

  8. Xotic Effects® BB Preamp®

  9. Xotic Effects® SL Drive®

Power Amps

  1. Marshall® Silver Jubilee® 2555

  2. Diezel® Herbert® 6550®

  3. ENGL® Tube Poweramp® 930/60

  4. Mesa/Boogie® Simul-Class® 2:90

  5. Omega® KT66®

  6. VHT® Two Fifty Two®

Guitar Preamps

  1. ADA® MP1®

  2. Mesa/Boogie® Triaxis® Preamp

Preamp + Power Amp Mixed

  1. ADA® MP1® + VHT® Two Fifty Two®

  2. Bogner® Fish® + Mesa/Boogie® Simul-Class® 2:90

  3. Custom Audio Amplifiers® 3+SE® + Mesa/Boogie® Simul-Class® 2:90

  4. Mesa/Boogie® Quad Preamp® + Mesa/Boogie® Simul-Class® 2:90

  5. Mesa/Boogie® Studio Preamp® + Mesa/Boogie® Simul-Class® 2:90

  6. Mesa/Boogie® Triaxis Preamp® + Mesa/Boogie® Simul-Class® 2:90

Bass Amps

  1. Darkglass Microtubes 900 V2

  2. Darkglass Alpha Omega 900

  3. Ampeg® SVT® Heritage

  4. ProCo® Rat® + SVT® stacked

  5. Ampeg ® SVT® Classic

  6. Ampeg® V-4B®

  7. Mesa/Boogie® Big Block® 750

  8. Mesa/Boogie® M6® Carbine

  9. Mesa/Boogie® M6® Carbine + Mesa/Boogie® Big Block® 750

  10. Orange® AD200® BASS MK3

  11. Sound City® B120®

  12. Warwick® Pro Fet® 5.1

Bass Preamps

  1. Darkglass Microtubes B7K

  2. Darkglass VMT

  3. Darkglass Alpha Omega Ultra

  4. Darkglass VMT+B7K stacked

  5. Sansamp® Bass Driver DI®

  6. Tech21® GED2112® (Rack Version)

  7. Tech21® PSA®

  8. Tech 21® VT Bass® Deluxe

  9. BOSS® Bass Overdrive® ODB-3®

  10. MXR® Bass Fuzz® Deluxe

All product names are for descriptive purposes only. All trademarks belong to their respective owners, which are in no way associated or affiliated with Neural DSP Technologies.

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