Welcome to the new Neural DSP website

December 14, 2020

Welcome to the new Neural DSP website

We are pleased to launch a brand new Neural DSP website. As part of our development of Quad Cortex and Cortex Cloud, we have built a web platform that offers improved functionality to our customers. As a result of migrating all of our users to Cortex Cloud, you will need to reset your password to login, access your orders, and download plugins.

Automated iLok license delivery

Once you have reset your password, add your iLok username to your account and follow the email confirmation steps. Once complete, licenses for any plugins you purchase in the future will be automatically deposited to your iLok account, negating the need to redeem a license code. When you purchase a new plugin, your license will typically be available in iLok License Manager in under 60 seconds.

Download older versions of plugins

All previous versions of plugins are now available to download via the downloads page.

USD payments for non-Euro customers

Customers who live in non-Euro countries will have prices displayed in USD and will be able to pay in USD.

The switch to Cortex Cloud was essential to integrate Quad Cortex with Neural DSP user accounts fully, but will also allow plugin users for Cloud features we are planning for the future.

If you have any issues with the new website, please reach out to support@neuraldsp.com.

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