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August 25, 2020

Quad Cortex Development Update #4

Formerly Quad Cortex Development Update - August 2020

We have made some outstanding improvements to Quad Cortex since our last development update! Be sure to check back often, as we intend to release a new development update every week.

Neural Capture

Neural Capture is continually improved. We've been creating hundreds of Captures and the performance and results are even better than we expected! We hope to release a video about this in the coming weeks.

We have enhanced the parameter editor, allowing Captures to be edited immediately after creating them.


We know how much our users love a tuner! We've made some improvements for better visibility when using the tuner and standing above the device.

Stomp + Rotary Actuators

The footswitches are now corrugated for improved grip when rotating.


We can now detect and send MIDI messages, and we added multiple MIDI settings to the Settings page. Expression pedals and QC footswitches can be programmed to send CC, CC Toggle, and PC messages. "On Preset Load" messages can also be programmed, which will allow you to configure multiple MIDI parameters in the On Load Matrix.

CPU Monitor

A CPU monitor is available, giving a real-time display of CPU consumption for the active signal chain.

Default Parameters

We've made it easy to set default parameters on any block, so when you come to create new signal chains, your default settings for the blocks you add are remembered and applied.

Expression Pedals

You can assign expression pedals to any parameter. Doing so will apply a label to the parameter and change its color for easy identification.

Mixers & Splitters

We have detailed parameters for mixers and splitters that allow for switching between types, shortcut buttons for quick splits, and a quick on/off toggle. 

Other Improvements

  • We swapped out our touchscreen for an even better component. The new screen is even more robust and features a reinforced touch sensor panel.

We are now focused on the expansion of virtual devices, implementing Cloud functionality, and bug fixes. 

Photos by @maxtaylorgrant