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Knowledge baseQuad Cortex updatesCorOS 1.3.3 is now available
March 7, 2022

CorOS 1.3.3 is now available

CorOS 1.3.3 is now available. Download it via Settings > Device Options > Device Updates on your Quad Cortex once connected to Wi-Fi. We recommend that you create a backup before updating your firmware.



  • An issue where Neural Captures would be erased after using the Swap function in the Directory.

  • A crash that would occur after downloading a large backup multiple times in a row.

  • An issue where delay trails are broken when the Analog Delay’s or Slapback Delay’s bypass parameter is assigned to Scenes and the bypass/enabled state is controlled by Scenes.

  • A crash that would occur when turning an unused encoder with the IO Settings open immediately after booting.

  • An issue where the Master Volume defaults to an incorrect value after setting the volume below 100, power cycling, and locking the Quad Cortex.

  • An issue where the signal would be muted during Neural Capture calibration with certain Grid and IO Settings configurations.

  • An issue where the footswitch LEDs were not illuminated when the Device Options > Brightness screen was open.

  • An issue where incorrect Captures would display in the list of Neural Captures when replacing a device with a Neural Capture and Quad Cortex recalls the last bank accessed.

  • An issue where the Parametric-3 and Parametric-8’s On/Off and Band Type parameters could not be Scene-assigned.

  • An issue where Synth/Drone Presets would produce no output signal due to the Gain device’s Level parameter being set to -55.0db.

  • Minor backend performance issues.