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Knowledge baseQuad Cortex updatesCorOS 2.1.1 is now available
September 5, 2023

CorOS 2.1.1 is now available

CorOS 2.1.1 is now available. Download it via Settings > Device Options > Device Updates on your Quad Cortex once connected to Wi-Fi. We recommend that you create a backup before updating your firmware. 


An issue where the Tape Delay (ST) Sync Note parameter would not work after loading certain Presets and then adding a Tape Delay (ST) block to an empty Preset.

An issue where the Focus parameter on the Victor Squid devices was inverted.

An issue where the footswitches would be non-functional after opening the Tuner and then loading a Preset via MIDI.

An issue where loading Gig View, the Tuner, and Gig View again in sequence via MIDI would result in a black screen.

An issue where the output signal would be muted after moving a Dual Reverse Delay block between Splitter and Mixer paths on Row 3.

A crash that would occur when downloading a Neural Capture if a Capture with the same name already exists on the Quad Cortex.

A crash that would occur when editing the Min/Max Range parameters in the Assign Expression Pedal menu for certain Delay devices.