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December 10, 2020

Quad Cortex Development Update #16

Formerly Quad Cortex Development Update - December 2020

There have been some posts in Neural’s online communities with conflicting information regarding Quad Cortex availability from our global dealer network. We understand why that would be confusing and frustrating for you.

As we work on the final stages of Quad Cortex, we wanted to clarify and reiterate that pre-order customers will have the opportunity to pay their remaining balance and receive their Quad Cortex before we begin shipping to dealers. This has always been the case. If you have not heard of people paying for or receiving their pre-orders, you can count on dealers not being ready to ship.

We have been providing regular updates to our dealers regarding any of the delays which we have also communicated to you. They have all been extremely supportive.

We have made significant progress with USB audio, and USB MIDI is fully functioning. Overall system latency (Instrument > QC > Analog Output (with one lane active)) has been measured at an astonishing 1.8ms.

Cloud testing is progressing very well. We’ve been able to sustain great performance under significant load, meaning communication between the Cloud and Quad Cortex & Cortex Mobile is fast even when we have a lot of users.

On the software side, we continue to make fantastic progress. We are tackling the last details with WiFi connectivity.

There have been some changes to our device list, and we will be adding some additional Factory Captures. We have also asked some of our favourite artists and YouTube creators to prepare Factory Presets for Quad Cortex.

Finally, we have decided to upgrade a couple of components on our PCBs. While they looked solid on the data sheet, after internal quality assurance processes and beta testers’ feedback, they have not lived up to our reliability standards.

This highlights why it is so challenging for us to provide a firm shipping date: because the last details are usually found when extensively testing units in the wild. Sometimes it may take a few cycles of beta testing and updating/upgrading for all of the details to be ironed out.

What you can absolutely count on is that we will never collect payments on something that is not ready and that we will do whatever is necessary to ensure that your experience with Quad Cortex is flawless.