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Knowledge baseQuad Cortex updatesNAMM - Quad Cortex Development Update #36
April 11, 2023

NAMM - Quad Cortex Development Update #36

Formerly Quad Cortex Development Update - April 2023

We are pleased to say that we will be showing a beta of Cortex Control at the NAMM show. If you are attending, come and visit us at booth 5036.

In order to support Cortex Control, the QCs at our booth are running a beta of CorOS 2.1.0, which includes several other features and changes. This is not the complete list of features and changes that will be available in CorOS 2.1.0, just the ones that are available in this beta version.

All of these features are subject to change and may function or appear differently when CorOS 2.1.0 is released.


Stereo Cab Models

All of the cabinet models have been updated to include stereo versions, negating the need to add two cab blocks if you desire a stereo cab setup.

IR Loader (Lite)

A “lite” version of the mono and stereo IR Loader devices has been added. Room reverb has been removed from these versions to reduce CPU consumption.

New Devices

Amplifiers (Guitar)

  • Victor Squid Ch1 (Victory Amps® Kraken® Ch1)

  • Victor Squid Ch2 (Victory Amps® Kraken® Ch2)

  • Matchmore D30 Ch1 (Matchless Amplifiers® DC30® Ch1)

  • Matchmore D30 Ch2 (Matchless Amplifiers® DC30® Ch2)

  • Matchmore Jefe (Matchless Amplifiers® Chieftain®)

Cabinets (Guitar)

  • Match D30 Sig A (Matchless Amplifiers® DC30® Sig A)

  • Match D30 Sig B (Matchless Amplifiers® DC30® Sig B)

  • Match Jefe Sig 02 (Matchless Amplifiers® Chieftain® Sig 02)

  • Match Jefe V30 02 (Matchless Amplifiers® Chieftain® V30 02)


  • Crying Clyde Wah (Dunlop® Cry Baby® Clyde McCoy)



The UI for the Cabsim block has been redesigned. In addition, LPF and HPF EQ parameters have been added to the parameter editor for all Cabsim devices.

Global EQ, Parametric-3, Parametric-8

The UI for all of the EQ menus has been redesigned.

Gig View

Gig View’s UI has been updated for all modes. Additionally, it is now possible to copy or swap Scenes via Gig View. It is also possible to change the color assigned to a Scene in Gig View.