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September 2, 2022

Quad Cortex Development Update #27

Formerly Quad Cortex Development Update - August 2022

Following all of the details we shared about the upcoming changes to the File Manager, today we want to share a few of the exciting new features also included in CorOS 2.0.0

IR Loader

An IR Loader block is being added, making it much easier to use your own or third-party IRs in Presets.

Four different types of the IR block are available: Single (M), Single (ST), Double (M), and Double (ST).

With an IR Loader block added to The Grid, you can tap the Impulse Response section of the block to browse the IRs on your QC. Once an IR is loaded, you can use the parameters at the bottom to modify its sound. 

You can also rotate the top-right footswitch to cycle through available IRs, as with other devices. When using a Double IR block, you can tap the Quad Cortex icon to the right of the Impulse Response sections to control which IR is replaced when rotating the footswitch. The active section shows a brighter QC with a highlighted top-right footswitch.

The parameters available change depending on whether you have selected a Single or Double IR Loader block or a Mono or Stereo block. 

Global EQ

A global EQ has been added to Out 1/2 and Out 3/4, and is available via the I/O Settings screen.

Tap the EQ button on the I/O Settings screen to open a 5-band parametric EQ that you can assign to either Out 1/2, Out 3/4, or both pairs of outputs.

If you bypass the EQ with the bypass button at the top, this will be symbolized with a green power icon inside the button.

Master Volume Knob Assignment

It is now possible to configure which outputs the Master Volume Knob controls via the Device Options screen.

The level of Send 1/2 is only controlled by the Master Volume Knob when they are being used as outputs and not when they are being used in an FX Loop block on The Grid.

More to come

There are several more features and changes coming to CorOS 2.0.0 that we’re still ironing out, which we hope to be able to share with you soon. 

Thank you for your patience while we work on the biggest and most exciting CorOS update yet.

Francisco Cresp