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September 29, 2022

Quad Cortex Development Update #28

Formerly Quad Cortex Development Update - September 2022

Following our changes to the File Manager and the new IR Loader, Global EQ, and Master Volume Knob Assignment, today we want to discuss one of the most highly anticipated features coming in CorOS 2.0.0; Hybrid Mode.

Hybrid Mode is ideal for people who want to quickly access new Presets while being able to have granular control within them, or for people who want to have both Scene and Stomp control within their active Preset.

You can configure a Hybrid Mode via the new “Modes configuration” option on the Main Menu.

On the Modes configuration screen, you can re-order modes as well as create a Hybrid Mode.

Re-ordering Modes allows you to change their order when cycling through Modes on The Grid.

You can also drag a Mode to the top-right corner to remove it from the cycle completely. When a Mode has been removed, you can add it again by pressing the add button. It is not possible to remove all three Modes.

When you re-order Modes, MIDI CC values will not adapt to these changes. For example, by default Preset Mode is in Mode Slot 1 and is recalled via CC#47 value 0. If Stomp Mode is moved to Mode Slot 1, then the same CC#47 value 0 will now recall Stomp Mode.

Drag a Mode on top of another to create a Hybrid Mode. Once a Hybrid Mode is created, the screen will display the footswitch configuration. You can tap the Hybrid Mode block to flip the configuration.

It is possible to re-order the Modes or remove Modes even when a Hybrid Mode has been configured.

A Hybrid Mode will be represented at the top-right corner of The Grid by showing the two Mode icons as well as the “HYB” indicator.

When a Hybrid Mode is configured with Preset Mode, the banks in the Preset Directory are effectively split into two. Banks are split because the top or bottom four footswitches no longer allow you to recall Presets because they are assigned to the other Mode configured in Hybrid Mode. The Up/Down footswitches will therefore navigate through banks of four Presets rather than eight, and Presets will be recalled like in the bank example below.

Without Hybrid Mode:

  • 1A Simple Stereo Plexi

  • 1B Icicles

  • 1C Cory Wong Rock Tour

  • 1D Shine On Crazy Synth

  • 1E Sparkle Clean

  • 1F Chunky EVH

  • 1G Stereo Heavy Mood

  • 1H Main Lead Live

With Hybrid Mode:

  • 1A Simple Stereo Plexi

  • 1B Icicles

  • 1C Cory Wong Rock Tour

  • 1D Shine On Crazy Synth

  • 2A Sparkle Clean

  • 2B Chunky EVH

  • 2C Stereo Heavy Mood

  • 2D Main Lead Live

Thank you

CorOS 2.0.0 is nearing completion and we hope we can share it with you very soon.

Francisco Cresp