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February 2, 2021

Quad Cortex Expression Pedal Compatibility

Quad Cortex features two expression pedal inputs. Expression pedals can be assigned to almost any parameter within the available virtual devices, and can even control multiple parameters at the same time.

We have tested the following expression pedals with Quad Cortex with very good results:

  • Mission Engineering SP-1

  • M-Audio EX-P

  • Roland EV-5

  • HoTone Soul Press

  • Electro-Harmonix Expression Pedal

  • Boss FV-500-L

  • Dunlop DVP 3

  • Dunlop DVP 4

  • DOD FX-17

Quad Cortex is compatible with many different expression pedals aside from the ones listed above, including pedals from other manufacturers. Expression pedals with the following features should function correctly:

  • TRS expression output (Wah or Volume outputs are not supported)

  • Linear or logarithmic curve

  • Minimum value knob

  • Polarity/Reverse function

Expression pedals with latching or momentary toe switches will toggle the assigned parameter value between 0 and 1.00 when the toe switch is engaged.

Some expression pedals have a dedicated output for the toe switch. We recommend connecting only the expression output to Quad Cortex.

Auto-engage has been a heavily requested feature. It is currently not planned for version 1.0 of CorOS, but it’s something we will prioritize immediately after launch.