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June 1, 2021

Quad Cortex MSRP Increase

As of June 1, the retail price for Quad Cortex has been increased.

This is due to the global semiconductor shortage affecting consumer electronics manufacturers across the world.

Lately, the cost of acquiring some key chips has increased by a factor of ten, which greatly impacts our manufacturing costs.

Additionally, container shortages have affected shipping rates significantly, as well as general commodities essential for electronics manufacturing. To give an example, the cost of manufacturing PCBs is projected to increase as much as 15% within the next few months.

If you pre-ordered a Quad Cortex from one of our retail/distribution partners prior to the price increase, the original price will be honoured for your order. You will not have to pay more.

We continue to work very hard to ensure that these price increases are the full extent to which this global phenomenon affects us.