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November 27, 2020

Quad Cortex Development Update #15

Formerly Quad Cortex Development Update - November 2020

It’s been a very productive time since the last update.

We’ve continued to optimize Preset loading time when switching. We will continue to improve this in future firmware updates. We’ve greatly reduced switching glitches but are still working on optimizing a few model combinations. With the number of possible device combinations, there is a significant amount of testing scenarios to work through.

We have also improved the WiFi integration significantly but still have a few pending items to finish.

USB audio is looking good. We’re still working on a couple of final tweaks and continue to stress test it extensively.

We are continuing to make quality of life improvements to the UI. A recent addition is greying out virtual devices that won’t fit on the grid where there is not enough available CPU in the lane the device is being added.

Beta testing is at an advanced stage. Feedback from beta testers has been very positive, with most reports containing small details and nuances. You may have even spotted a few QCs in the wild!

Mobile app testing has been fantastic. Beta testers are thrilled with how easy it is to share Presets with each other and browse content on Cortex Cloud.

The first Quad Cortex branded accessory, the GigCase, is now available from select dealers. The GigCase is a precision molded case designed to withstand high impact, rain, humidity, and the general wear-and-tear of travelling and touring.

The top clamshell includes a secure, elastic neoprene panel where you can store cables, a guitar strap, or any other on-the-road peripherals separated from the Quad Cortex. The side channel securely holds your power supply.

A high quality, removable padded shoulder strap with steel clasps completes the package. We continue to reduce significantly the number of outstanding tasks every day while simultaneously testing everything extensively to ensure smooth and seamless operation of every function. We’re on the home stretch, there’s just a little way further to go. We’ll keep updating you with our progress. Neural DSP