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September 4, 2020

Setlists! - Quad Cortex Development Update #6

Formerly Quad Cortex Development Update - September 2020

Setlists are Quad Cortex’s way of making Presets incredibly easy to organize. A Setlist can contain 32 banks of 8 Presets, and you can create as many Setlists as you like. Setlists allow users to categorize their Presets by band, project, album, or anything else!

By default, Presets will save in the “My Presets” Setlist. When you save a Preset, you have the option to specify the Setlist where you would like to save the Preset. We are improving Preset management within Setlists by adding drag-and-drop functionality as well as cut, copy, and paste, making restructuring and managing multiple Setlists a breeze.

Saving & Naming Presets

Quad Cortex's preset management is groundbreaking. "Save" and "Save As" functions are only a tap away on The Grid, and naming takes full advantage of the gorgeous 7" multi-touch display with the on-screen keyboard. Add descriptive names and tags for filtering Presets on Quad Cortex and Cortex Cloud in seconds.