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March 22, 2020

We have reverbs! - Quad Cortex Development Update #1

Formerly Quad Cortex Development Update - March 2020

It’s been a restless month at Neural DSP since our last update. A lot has been happening with Quad Cortex, so now felt like an appropriate time to give a development update, as well as address some concerns regarding COVID-19. The key development advances with Quad Cortex are:

  • We have completed the communication drivers for all 4 SHARC and 2 ARM cores. The units we displayed at NAMM were running at half CPU capacity.

  • We have Reverbs! They’re sounding amazing.

  • We have implemented stereo processing (all NAMM units were running mono). Delays and reverbs now sound spacious and lush.

  • Cabsim is also now dual and can run full stereo.

  • Algorithm research is going very, very well! The pitch algorithms are turning out incredible. I think many will enjoy what we have to offer here. We are also making very good progress on the amplifiers and effects on the


  • Audio USB drivers are almost fully implemented (for both Windows and Mac).

  • Direct memory access is also fully implemented (which was key to port the reverbs).

  • We have implemented a new “Hybrid” mode, which allows users to divide the footswitches and combine 2 modes (Preset+Stomp, Preset+Scene). You can see a video of how it’ll look below. 

Hybrid Mode

Hybrid Mode is ideal for people who want to quickly access new presets while being able to have granular control within them. It’s a highly requested feature by many gigging musicians. This mode is common with other modelers, but our UI and touchscreen makes it a breeze to set up and visualize. 


It’s a crazy time right now, and naturally, some of you have expressed concerns about whether COVID-19 is going to affect the development and manufacture of Quad Cortex. Currently, no delays are anticipated, and we are working toward our existing deadlines. Everybody on the team has switched to working from home, but this has not affected our development process. Updates to Archetype: Nolly are still in the works, new plugins are on their way, and Quad Cortex is progressing very well.