A new audio engine powering Neural DSP plugins

January 22, 2021

A new audio engine powering Neural DSP plugins

Our analog modeling technology has been shifting towards completely automated machine-learning-based methods.

We have developed a new audio engine that uses a proprietary anti-derivative trigonometric interpolation (ATI) algorithm to convert any sample rate used in the system or DAW to an optimum internal processing sample rate. The ATI algorithm allows us to use our machine-learning-based black-box modeling techniques for a wide range of effects in special amplifiers and distortion pedals.

The benefit of using our ATI algorithm is vastly improved stability and CPU efficiency, allowing us to achieve optimal CPU performance and audio quality for any DAW sample rate. This change removes the need for an oversampling switch in our plugins - a change many users have noticed in Archetype: Gojira, with which many users are reporting dramatically improved CPU performance.

We intend to roll this change out to all our other plugins over the following months.

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