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October 18, 2023

Introducing Archetype: Plini X

Neural DSP Technologies Announces the Arrival of Archetype: Plini X — The First Plugin That Will Be Fully Compatible With the Quad Cortex

Archetype: Plini X builds on the original Archetype: Plini — which brilliantly captures the sonic essence of the iconic guitarist — in a plugin that will soon be fully compatible with the Quad Cortex and arrives with a slew of additional features including new octave, fuzz, delay, distortion and modulation effects.

HELSINKI, FINLAND, October 18, 2023Neural DSP today announced the availability of Archetype: Plini X, an evolutionary and revolutionary extension of the original Archetype: Plini plugin that includes all of that product’s original features in addition to an array of new sonic features including new octave, fuzz, delay, distortion and modulation effects. Archetype: Plini X will soon also be the first plugin to feature complete compatibility with the award-winning Quad Cortex modeler, thus becoming the flagship plugin for the next generation of products to be fully compatible with the Quad Cortex.

Nominated as Live Guitarist of the Year in 2018, Plini is one of the most innovative and refreshing electric guitarists of this generation, with a distinct artistry that combines an unusually wide variety of styles, from progressive to fusion to metal, all with impressive fluency and elegance.

Archetype: Plini X captures that brilliance and is the ideal plugin to take to the next step with full compatibility with the Quad Cortex modeler, creating a new creative synergy for users. It’s a free update for existing users (it will otherwise retail for €119/$119), but it’s also the gateway to a new chapter in Archetype and Quad Cortex performance.

Plugin compatibility has been the single-most requested feature for updates to the Quad Cortex, and Archetype: Plini X will soon deliver exactly that, allowing users to fully and transparently interface between plugins and the Quad Cortex. That will be the result of collaboration between Neural DSP’s respective plugin and Quad Cortex teams, who have worked diligently to significantly improve the architecture of both platforms to ensure plugins can run on Quad Cortex. There will be a CorOS update in the near future that introduces the functionality required to support plugins, after which the company intends to have more plugins finalized for Quad Cortex compatibility.

“Our users have been asking for plugin compatibility with Quad Cortex for some time and after a lot of intense effort over the last several years, it will soon be a reality,” says Dan Davies, Chief Marketing Officer at Neural DSP Technologies. “It’s been an immense challenge but one we will soon achieve and are incredibly proud of.”

Archetype: Plini X New Features

Archetype: Plini X comes with an array of new sonic and operational features. These include an Octaver pedal, a fuzz section added to the Boost/Overdrive pedal, and a Delay effect in the pre-effects section and a Chorus effect in the post-effects section (modulation control has also been added to the Delay in the post-effects operation). There are also popular features from other Neural DSP plugins: transposition capability, a doubler, a metronome, and a live tuner. And all of this comes with higher resolution assets and a redesigned user interface that provides an improved user experience.

Seamless Interoperability

Logging in to your Neural DSP account on your Quad Cortex will verify which plugin licenses you have in your linked iLok account(s) and make plugin-exclusive blocks available on your Quad Cortex. (Neural DSP will increase the number of iLok accounts you can have connected to your Neural DSP account from one to three, to accommodate this.) Once loaded in, plugin devices will behave in exactly the same way as Quad Cortex devices. You can then combine them however you wish.

“Working with Neural DSP on the original Archetype: Plini was a tremendous experience for me as an artist, and seeing what they have been able to accomplish with the updated Archetype: Plini X is incredibly satisfying and rewarding,” concludes Plini.

To learn more and purchase Archetype: Plini X, click here. For hi-res imagery, click here. For the Archetype: Plini X video, click here