Tone King Imperial MKII

March 11, 2022

Tone King Imperial MKII

Neural DSP teams up with Tone King Amplifiers to release the Tone King Imperial MKII Suite - an official plugin collaboration modeling Tone King’s coveted vintage modern amplifier.

“Balancing iconic vintage characteristics and innovation is a paradox very few can reconcile. Tone King is one of the most remarkable examples of this in the world of tube amplifiers. It is packed with gorgeous clean and crunch tones reminiscent of the most iconic era. However, it also comprises unique features like its built-in reactive attenuator – all of which we’ve painstakingly modeled to replicate every sonic nuance,” says Neural CEO Douglas Castro.

The 20w tube combo amp is at the core of this plugin, featuring Rhythm and Lead channels, as well as built-in Spring Reverb and bias-modulated Tremolo. In addition, you’ll find a selection of stompboxes commonly found in Neural’s plugin suites, including a MIDI-assignable wah pedal, two overdrives, and a compressor.

Chorus and Stereo Delay have been modeled to provide the warm Bucket Brigade (BBD) sound, and the Reverb covers everything from subtle ambience to almost infinite soundscapes.

“When it came to the attenuator, it made no sense for us to have the attenuator reducing the output of the plugin, but we still wanted to model the interplay between the attenuator and the power amp. As such, the attenuation has been compensated so the output level stays the same, but the attenuator can still be used for tonal variations.”

Finishing things off are the 9-band graphic equalizer and Neural’s proprietary Cabsim, featuring two speakers, eight virtual microphones (including two new vintage microphones to Neural’s line-up; the AKG® C414 B ULS® and the Sennheiser® MD409-U3®), and a room mic section. 

“This amplifier was designed to delight and inspire, and we are proud to present the Tone King Imperial MKII Suite.”

Neural DSP’s Tone King Imperial MK II is available now with a 14-day free trial. Head to or contact for more information.

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