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March 21, 2024

Quad Cortex Development Update #46 CorOS 3.0.0 and PCOM

CorOS 3.0.0 is the next major update scheduled for the Quad Cortex, featuring the heavily anticipated plugin compatibility. As we reach the final stages of development, we wanted to give you an overview of what you can expect in CorOS 3.0.0 both regarding plugin compatibility (PCOM) and other features.

To read more about plugin compatibility, click here.

How will X updates be added to Quad Cortex?

Before we dive into the new features, we want to communicate how X updates and CorOS releases will be compatible. CorOS 3.0.0 will introduce compatibility for Archetype: Plini X and Archetype: Gojira X. If you own licenses for those plugins, they will unlock when you sign into your Neural DSP account on your Quad Cortex.

The next two plugins to receive an X update are the Fortin Nameless Suite and the Soldano SLO-100. The X-updates for Nameless and SLO will be available before the accompanying CorOS update. This means that plugin updates will not be synchronized with CorOS releases.

If you are a plugin user who doesn’t use a Quad Cortex, this change will not affect you. If you are a plugin user who uses X plugins and the Quad Cortex, you can enjoy the updated plugins while you wait for them to be available on Quad Cortex. If you are a Quad Cortex user who doesn’t own the plugins but wants them on the Quad Cortex, we recommend you wait for the accompanying CorOS version to be released.

We will indicate which X versions are currently compatible or not compatible with Quad Cortex on our website like below. 

We will also communicate via email and social media whenever new X updates and CorOS updates are available.

CorOS 3.0.0

New devices

CorOS 3.0.0 will include the following new devices for all users:

  • Transpose

  • Doubler

  • Transparent Blend 

  • Pitch Correction - Monophonic pitch correction, useful for fretless instruments and vocals

  • Circular Delay - Inspired by the Lexicon® PCM-70®

  • Plugin Gate

  • Plugin Doubler

  • Plugin Blend

  • Plugin Graphic-9

The "Plugin" versions of the devices have been created with the exact same controls and parameter ranges as in the plugins, whereas alternative versions of these devices have also been added with extended controls and ranges.


Sidechaining has been added to several devices in CorOS 3.0.0. This allows you to trigger the effects of a device from a specified point in the signal chain while placing it on the Grid in a position that creates the sound you require. 

For example, you could sidechain an input to the Adaptive Gate, but position the gate at the end of a chain to reduce noise created by effects in the loop. Alternatively, you could position an Env. Filter after an amp+cab but sidechain the clean guitar input to improve tracking.

A sidechain can be triggered from any input or device appearing before the target device on the Grid. The following devices can be used as a target sidechain device:

  • Doubler

  • Plugin Doubler

  • Plugin Blend

  • Transparent Blend

  • Adaptive Gate (S/C)

  • Legendary 87 (S/C)

  • Opto Comp (S/C)

  • Solid State Comp (S/C)

  • VCA Comp (S/C)

  • Env. Filter (S/C)

“(S/C)” represents sidechaining, and the above devices denoted with this are new devices that will be added to Quad Cortex. 

Plugin devices

The following plugin devices will be added and will only be available to users who own licenses for Archetype: Plini X or Archetype: Gojira X.

Archetype: Plini X

  • Plini Comp

  • Plini Octaver

  • Plini Drive

  • Plini Pre Delay (M)

  • Plini Clean

  • Plini Crunch

  • Plini Lead

  • Plini Cab (M)

  • Plini Cab (ST)

  • Plini Chorus

  • Plini Delay

  • Plini Reverb

Archetype: Gojira X

  • Gojira WOW

  • Gojira OCT

  • Gojira OD

  • Gojira DRT

  • Gojira PHSR

  • Gojira CHR

  • Gojira CLN

  • Gojira RST

  • Gojira HOT

  • Gojira Cab 1 (M)

  • Gojira Cab 1 (ST)

  • Gojira Cab 2 (M)

  • Gojira Cab 2 (ST)

  • Gojira Cab 3 (M)

  • Gojira Cab 3 (ST)

  • Gojira DLY

  • Gojira REV

  • Gojira REV Shimmer

The addition of these plugins will also include the factory and artists’ presets included in the plugins. Being able to import your own plugin presets via Cortex Control will come in a later update. We opted to delay this feature so we could release plugin compatibility sooner.

Quality of life

Custom Folders

We are adding custom Folders in CorOS 3.0.0. This quality of life change allows you to better organize your Neural Captures and Impulse Responses (IRs).

Neural Captures are stored in the Neural Captures Library and Impulse Responses are stored in the Impulse Responses Library. The Library can store a maximum of 2048 Neural Captures and 2048 IRs. 

It is possible to create Neural Capture Folders and IR Folders. Subfolders can be created within Folders and can be nested up to 4 levels deep. Each Library can store a total of 30 Folders or Subfolders. Subfolders count towards the Library's 30 Folder maximum.

When a Neural Capture or IR is placed in a Folder, a link is created from the Library in the Folder. This means that a Neural Capture or IR can exist in multiple Folders without being duplicated and using more of your Library’s Capture/IR allocation. 

When deleting an item in a Folder, you are given the option of removing the item from the Folder but keeping it in the Library and any other Folders it appears in, or removing the item from the Library and all Folders entirely.

Unified add/change device screens

Previously, the “Change Device” screen accessed via a device’s contextual menu in the Parameter Editor was presented in a different layout to the screen shown when you add a new device to the Grid. We have now unified these screens so they look the same, making changing devices much easier and quicker. 

Multiple MIDI Messages per footswitch/expression

The Preset MIDI Out UI has been redesigned, allowing you to assign multiple MIDI Messages to each footswitch or expression pedal, similar to the current ON PRESET LOAD functionality. Each footswitch can have 12 MIDI Messages assigned that can be CC, CC Toggle, or PC. EXP 1 and EXP 2 can send up to 4 CC Messages each.

This is a considerable improvement over the previous implementation where only 1 MIDI Message could be assigned per footswitch, simplifying complex setups and allowing you to seamlessly control multiple aspects of your live performance.

Bulk actions

It is now possible to perform bulk actions in the Directory. Using the new Multi-select toggle, you can copy, cut, paste, favorite, upload, download, or delete multiple items at once.

We look forward to sharing CorOS 3.0.0 with you soon.