April 5, 2023

Apple Native Silicon Updates for Archetype: Petrucci, Archetype: Tim Henson, Tone King Imperial MKII, and Archetype: Rabea

We are pleased to say that Native Apple Silicon updates are now available for Archetype: Tim Henson and Archetype: Petrucci.

Additionally, the following plugins that were already Apple Native Silicon compatible have been updated to include Apple Native Silicon compatibility for AAX (Pro Tools 2023.3.0):

  • Tone King Imperial MKII

  • Archetype: Rabea

In addition some bugfixes and quality of life improvements have been made. The CPU performance of Archetype: Petrucci has been improved and the Archetype: Rabea update includes 28 new presets made by Rabea.

For the full changelogs and download links, please visit neuraldsp.com/downloads.

Further updates to other plugins will be released in the coming months.

To discuss these updates, please visit our forum or Discord.