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Guitar plugins

Download a 14-day free trial of any plugin and take your guitar sound to the next level.

Plug in to perfection: Experience the ultimate guitar plugins

You know your music is fantastic and you want it to sound the best it can. Neural DSP guitar plugins allow you to record professional sound quality with unparalleled ease of use.

John Petrucci

Dream Theater

"The amazing engineers and artists at NDSP not only completely nailed every aspect of my tone and effects, but they made it all look so beautiful!"

Tim Henson


"Between all of the different guitar simulating plugins there are out there, Neural makes by far the most aesthetic and sonically pleasing."


Solo artist

"The stuff these guys do is so magical, it doesn’t make sense NOT to use it. Already excited for the future!"

All our guitar plugins have a 14-day free trial

Download a free trial today and discover which one is the perfect fit for your sound

All guitar plugins

Easy to use, professional-grade guitar plugins for every genre and playing style

We offer a wide range of guitar plugins to suit every genre and playing style. From clean vintage tones to obliterating high gain, we have something for everyone.

Our plugins use cutting-edge audio processing software to provide the ultimate sound and playing experience. We also make sure that our plugins are easy to use for musicians of all skill levels. With a user-friendly interface and intuitive controls, you'll be able to dial in the perfect tone in no time.

In addition, our plugins come with tens of presets crafted by some of the world's top guitarists. With presets created by artists such as John Petrucci (Dream Theater), Tim Henson (Polyphia), Joe Duplantier (Gojira), Adam "Nolly" Getgood (Periphery), Kiko Lourero (Megadeth), Adam Christianson (Architects), and many more, you'll be able to get the sounds of some of the world's top guitarists at the click of a button.

All our plugins have a 14-day free trial, giving you the opportunity to try them all out and discover which one is the perfect fit for your sound.

Authentic sounds for the modern guitarist: Neural DSP’s amp sim plugins

Our plugins are design to give you the most authentic tone possible. To achieve this, we've meticulously modeled some of the most iconic and legendary amps in existence.

The Mesa Boogie Mark IIC+, Soldano SLO-100, Tone King Imperial MKII, and Fortin Cali are just a few examples of legendary amps that have been used as the foundation for our plugins. These amps have been used by some of the most renowned guitarists in the industry and have become synonymous with great tone. By recreating their characteristics and behavior, we've been able to capture their essence and offer it to you as a convenient and user-friendly plugin.

Whether you're a bedroom guitarist, studio musician or a live performer, our plugins will give you the ability to achieve the same tone as the pros, with the added flexibility and control of a digital plugin.

The Archetype series: Created with the world’s top guitarists

Our Archetype plugin series is a true testament to the top-notch quality of our guitar plugins. These plugins are the result of collaboration with some of the world's top guitarists like John Petrucci, Tim Henson and Joe Duplantier.

These guitarists are known for their skill, talent and innovation in the music industry, and they have chosen to trust Neural DSP for their guitar tone needs. It's a clear indication that our plugins can deliver the professional and high-quality sound that even the most demanding guitarists require.

Effects and EQ

We've included a wide range of effects in every one of our guitar plugins. From classic effects like reverb, delay and modulation to more unique options such as the Dive Bomb, Overlord Synth, the Multivoicer, and the WOW pitch-shifter, our effects are designed to add depth and character to your sound.

The effects are intuitive and easy to use, giving you complete control over every aspect of your sound. With a wide range of parameters to tweak, you can dial in the perfect sound for your music.

The onboard EQ found in every plugin allows for total control over frequency response, giving you the power to fine-tune your sound to perfection. With Neural DSP amp sim plugins, you'll have all the tools you need to create your perfect tone.

Comprehensive cabsim module & IR loader

When it comes to achieving the perfect guitar tone, the cab sound plays a crucial role. That's why we've included a comprehensive cabsim module in all of our guitar plugins. This module is loaded with hundreds of impulse responses (IRs) made by industry-leading engineers such as Adam "Nolly", Getgood, 5by5 Studios, and our own team at Neural DSP. These IRs provide a wide range of professional-grade cab sounds, giving you the ability to fine-tune your sound to perfection.

The module also serves as a standard IR loader, meaning that you can use your own IRs in addition to the ones provided, giving you even more options to find the perfect cab sound.

You can use the cabsim module in both mono and stereo configurations. With stereo configuration, you can even add a second microphone with full panning, microphone-level and phase parameters in addition to position and distance. This feature provided you with the ultimate control and endless sonic possibilities.

Standalone guitar plugins

No DAW? No problem! All Neural DSP guitar plugins can be run as standalone applications, eliminating the need for any additional software. The standalone feature allows you to quickly install, plug and play the most realistic sounding amp simulator plugins on the planet! Standalone is perfect for practice on the go and live use.

Simply open on your computer, plug into your interface, open the application and go!

All of our plugins also come in 64-bit VST, AU, and AAX format.

Guitar plugins are a game-changer for musicians

Guitar plugins offer a level of convenience and cost-efficiency that traditional guitar rigs simply cannot match. With guitar plugins, you can play, record, and produce music easily in the comfort of your own home. Plus, they offer a level of versatility and control unmatched by traditional rigs.

Experimenting with different sounds can be achieved without having to purchase several expensive amps, cabs, and effects. With our plugins, you can get the same sound as the world's top guitarists without having to buy expensive gear.

If you're new to the world of guitar plugins and want to learn more about what they are and how they work, be sure to check out our getting started articles for more information.

About Neural DSP

At Neural DSP, we are dedicated to providing guitar players with the most realistic and authentic sounding amp sim plugins on the market. Our team of engineers and sound designers, with years of experience in the industry, have created a diverse range of plugins that sound exactly the same as traditional devices.

We are constantly pushing the boundaries of what’s possible with guitar plugins, and are committed to giving our customers the best possible experience. We offer a 14-day free trial on all our plugins and a dedicated support team to help you get the most out of our software. With Neural DSP, you’re getting the best guitar plugins on the market.

Download a 14-day free trial of any plugin and experience the difference for yourself

Joe Duplantier


"Easy to use, very intuitive, killer sounding. The possibilities are endless! "

Mark Lettieri

Snarky Puppy, The Fearless Flyers

"Truth be told, I was never very excited about guitar plugins until I experienced what Neural DSP created."

Rod Castro

Beyonce, Bootsy Collins, TLC

“Neural DSP is completely changing the game and setting a new standard for plug-in technology.”